“Westville Boys’ High School is, undoubtedly, among the best boys’ schools in the country,” says corporate professional and now retail director at Longcroft Super Meats, Ahmad Sheik.

By Aydn Parrott

“To be honest, I was an ‘average joe’ at school,” says Ahmad Sheik.

Ahmad describes himself during his school years as, “average to just above average academically, and I was constantly told that I was not living up to my potential.”

He says, “I was not chosen as a leader either. I was one of those that just was part of the crowd.”

Ahmad was involved in extracurricular activities though.

He served on the school’s IT Task Team, First Aid Task Team and was head of Muslim Student’s Association.

Ahmad says he enjoyed a good relationship with all of his teachers and seniors.

He adds, “Perhaps, this was where I started building on my networking and informal mentorship skills.”

Ahmad says the team spirit at sporting events and the accompanying “All-for-One-and-One-for-All” atmosphere prepared him well for team work in the corporate world.

“Westville Boys High School is, undoubtedly, among the best boys’ schools in the country,” Ahmad says.

He says he always wants to be the best at every step of his career, and being associated with the best boys’ school in the country has been a great stepping stone in achieving this.

“A major lesson learned is that of the holistic approach to life espoused by the school,” Ahmad says.

He says this is a major lesson which he has applied beyond his school years.

“I only climbed out of my shell once I set foot in the working world and the lessons from school come rushing back as and when they are needed,” says Ahmad.

Ahmad completed his Bachelor of Commerce  with Majors in Economics and Supply Chain and a Postgraduate degree in Finance, Banking and Investments.

Ahmad has since spent over half a decade in the corporate world.

After working as an intern at Business Partners Ltd, Ahmad moved to Standard Bank.

Here he worked in various managerial roles from a Private Banker to an Account Executive to a Business Banking Area Manager – where he headed up a team of Business Bankers.

“I believe it is the holistic approach, along with the networking skills, that assisted me in progressing through the corporate life in a short space of time”, Ahmad says.

“I have now joined the family business and have created a virtual arm to the business, along with refining customer experience and continuing with a view of business expansion,” says the 27-year-old Ahmad, now aspiring to make his mark in the business world.

“All of this has been largely due to the foundation built at Westville Boys High,” Ahmad says.

Ahmad says, “parents and sponsors are the real superstars.”

He says without their support, their boys’ dreams could not be fulfilled.

Ahmad says, “Simply put, the Westville Boys’ High story is a Never-Ending Story.”

“We need to always be relevant, always be moving forward and more importantly, always be the foundation of the dreams of all those that pass through these doors,” he says.

Ahmad Sheik